Lindsay Doherty’s Family Runs Scranton Half Marathon in Her Honor

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Family members of Lindsay Doherty of Scranton ran in Sunday's Scranton Half Marathon in her honor.

Doherty, a mother of three, died after running in the race last year because of a rare running injury.

"I did it for her but made a promise to myself and our family. I got down on my knees, said a Hail Mary, and thank God for getting us through this year," said Tim Doherty, Lindsay's uncle. "We're all very proud of her. She's not with us this year. Wish she was, but she's up there in heaven looking down, so that's why I pointed up, and it's been a great day. It's a great memory. It's been a long year, but we did it."

Members of Doherty's family say it is her memory that motivated them to train and run this year's race.

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