Football Event Raises Concussion Awareness

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Leadership Wilkes-Barre along with "Team Headbangerz" held an event at the Wyoming Valley Sports Dome to raise awareness about treating and detecting concussions.

Kids took part in a punt, pass, kick, and speed event on Sunday.

While the children had fun, parents and coaches heard from Geisinger's sports medicine team about safety.

Those involved with the event felt the importance of knowing about concussions.

"We want the kids to be aware that this is a serious matter, but we want the parents as well to be educated as to what to do and not just ask the three questions: what year is it, who's our president, and where are you? Sometimes that's just not enough," said Devon Nicoletti with Leadership Wilkes-Barre.

All of the money raised at the event will benefit the Wyoming Valley Junior Football Conference to help buy protective gear.