Carbondale Police: Children Living in ‘Filth, Clutter and Garbage’

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CARBONDALE, Pa. -- "Unfit for Human Habitation." That's what the sign says on the door to a home on Spring Street in Carbondale.

Police say they were called to the area because of a fight taking place outside between Emily Delamarter and her boyfriend Joshua Freitas.

"I heard them fighting down the street. I don't know where the babies were, but I heard them fighting down the street," a neighbor told Newswatch 16.

This is what we know from police: officers showed up and found Delamarter emotionally upset on the street. They escorted her home and were immediately taken aback by the level and degree of filth in the home.

Court papers say the apartment was covered in garbage and old food. It smelled of mold that appeared to come from the ceiling that collapsed from water damage.

When officers went upstairs, they found two young children walking and crawling around in garbage, old diapers, old food, dirty clothing, and used and uncapped needles left from drug use.

"Nobody should be subjected to that kind of stuff, but people are sick, you know? It really is sick. It is. People don't really think when they're on drugs. They kind of just have a monster inside them they can't really get rid of," said Rob Azrieo, who lives next door.

Neighbors of the couple on Spring Street tell Newswatch 16 it had been a few days since they had heard the children's voices. They thought maybe they moved somewhere else.

"I didn't hear the babies for a long time, so I thought the babies were already gone somewhere. It does break my heart you know for the kids that something like that had to happen," added a neighbor.

Both Delmarter and Freitas are locked up in Lackawanna County jail on child endangerment and drug charges. Police tell us the children are under the care of children services until a family member can take over their care.


  • Carol Nay George

    its cause by past abuse of the mother be it they were abused as a child and it was something the recognized as something they knew with the boyfriend that’s what causes the drug abuse and the abuse of them and their children plus the judgement that others give them

  • comment375583328

    How many times do we have to hear about the “boyfriend” beating up the girlfriend’s children? Wake up girls! These guys have no connection to the kids and see them as competition for affection from the girlfriend. Don’t reproduce until you get married.

    • Jamee Lynne

      So you think being married prevents domestic violence??? My ex had a great job, I was a head start teacher, but domestic violence still happened. It can and does happen in all walks of life. Educate yourself.

      • Emma Hogg

        Yeah, and I experienced the same thing. However, I don’t play the victim card, nor do I demand that other people educate themselves. Domestic violence happens for reasons – they pick us, or we pick them, or it’s a mutual thing. Educate YOURself about why people wind up in violent relationships. If it’s because of low self-esteem (as it was in MY situation), then call the spade a spade: I had zero self-esteem. It’s a fact, not an opinion or view. Just a simple fact.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    People on drugs not only don’t think, but they don’t care. This is one of those horrible examples of right-to-reproduce-gone-horribly-wrong. Now, someone is going to have to foster those children. The foster parents (even if they’re family members) will be paid to care for those kids, and the taxpayers will foot the bills for the prosecution and incarceration of both of these pieces of filth along with their get.

    There is no shame, anymore. People just do whatever they want and the children that are created as a means to an end are living, breathing souls that did not have a choice in whom they would be born to, or when. Godalmighty. What a world.

      • gutterratt

        Wow this site is jumpy, was going to say hopefully the “family member” is in a much better situation clean, sober, and has their act together. Poor babies!

      • Rusty Knyffe

        The point is this: whomever keeps these children in their care is going to be paid by the State to do so. This includes immediate family members who apply for and provide foster care. In addition, taxpayers will also be footing the bill for the idiot addicts’ treatments, incarceration, counseling, parole……..get this straight. Addiction is an industry just as much as “health care” is.

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