Now Showing: Chappaquiddick

MOOSIC, Pa. -- Chappaquiddick is now showing in movie theaters in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The movie is advertised as the untold story of what happened in 1969.

When a vehicle driven by Senator Edward Kennedy veered off a bridge in Massachusettes, killing Mary Jo Kopechne, who was a passenger in Kennedy's car.

Kopechne, a native of Forty Fort was working for Robert Kennedy as a speechwriter before his assassination. She was mourning his death in Massachusetts at the time of the crash.

Newswatch 16 spoke with people who saw Chappaquiddick and say they enjoyed the film

"Very well done in fact. It answered some questions. we always had questions about that particular accident I remember the night it happened. So uh not many people around can say that," says Clair Kenny of Scranton.

"I thought the person who played the role of Edward Kennedy was very good it was quite interesting," adds his wife, Liz.

Others were disappointed with the film and the story's outcome.

"He didn't get what he deserved. I think he was guilty I wouldn't vote for him shoulda went to jail," says Tony Martinelli of Duryea.

"They said it was gonna be more about Mary Jo's story but I don't think it was. There was not much about Mary Jo in it except her fighting for her life in the car and the funeral," says Ann Ryzner of Duryea.

If you'd like to see the movie for yourself, check out your local theater listings here.

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  • Shifty Biscuits

    Like I’ve said before, the Massachusetts Democrats had no problem with Ted being a murderer. They voted for him decade after decade. I guess it’s no worse than voting for the Clinton’s with their “List of 50” they’re responsible for.

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