Tim Tebow Heats Up Season Opener in Binghamton

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BINGHAMTON, NY. -- Tim Tebow heated up the crowd on a cold opening night at the Rumble Ponies stadium in Binghamton.

Tebow is playing left field for the Double-A team.

"I think it's going to be good, it's going to draw people to Binghamton more," said Diane Stratton of Binghamton.

He did indeed draw people a crowd.

Two hours before the home opener, people were lined up outside the stadium.

"I'm a big Tim Tebow fan and he's supposed to be here playing today and maybe doing some autographs, hopefully,” said Rob Torrey of Alfred, New York who drove more than three hours to see Tebow play.

"We're supporting the team and we want the free blanket!” laughed Cindy Wendelewski of Sidney, New York.

Those blankets came in handy as temperatures hovered around freezing, but still many fans filled seats, including folks from Northeastern PA.

"It's not about Tebow, it's about the ponies. We're pony fans. He's just an added accoutrement, I hope he does good, I mean I really do,” said Pete Miller of Rome, Bradford County.

When Tebow stepped up the plate for the first time he did do good.

On the very first pitch, he hit a three-run homer.

"I'm excited to see him, hopefully he does really well and the biggest thing is he's putting people in the seats here, putting the rumble ponies out there,” said Kim Miller of Rome, Bradford County.

The Rumble Ponies beat the Portland Sea Dogs 6-0.


  • Fredric Underhill

    Shifty, Buddy,

    You are missing the entire point of Tim Tebow’s life and story. Read his book, please!

    Tebow plays sports to show there is room and guidance for every person in need of it. He shows anyone can overcome adversity with help. More than likely, he gives Thanks daily for the opportunity to show this.

    Now for the record, to a very large degree, you are correct about Wilkes-Barre-Scranton and Binghamton.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    I can only imagine how bad Tebow must want out of Binghamton. It’s a horrible city. Very ghetto. Saturated with murderous, drug dealing gangs. Worse than Scranton. Almost as bad as Wilkesbarre! As for myself being a local resident, I apologize to Mr. Tebow.

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