Search for Dog Missing after Interstate 80 Crash

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UPDATE: Angus has been found safe.

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A crash on an area interstate Tuesday left one man badly injured and snarled traffic for hours.

On Thursday, friends of the injured man were back at the scene looking for one prized possession that was lost in the confusion.

A black shaggy mutt named Angus is missing after he was involved in that wreck on Interstate 80 in the Poconos.

Jeremy Schaum was driving in his van with his dog Angus Tuesday night when he was involved in that wreck near Lake Harmony. Little Angus ran off into the woods and is still missing.

"He's like 9,10 years old and just a good little dude, you know? And Jeremy's love of his dog is actually what brought me into being friends with him, so it's just really important that we find him," said Schaum's friend Patty.

After the wreck, Schaum was flown to Hershey Medical Center. Now, Patty and other friends of the pair who travel to music festivals around the country, are searching for the furry fan of the Grateful Dead

"I've been blanketing all the exits, businesses, gas stations, fast food between (exits) 274, 277, 284 so we can get our little buddy home," said Sedlak.

"There's quite a few of us putting in a good effort in trying to find the dog, you know he's very special to us," Lisa Davie added.

Angus was last spotted on Interstate 80 at mile marker 277 a mile and a half from where the accident took place.

Pet recovery experts told the search party not to chase the dog or yell out his name. Instead, they were told to create warming stations with familiar scents and food and a live animal trap if needed.

If they see Angus, they are encouraged to get low to the ground and speak softly, so he doesn't think he's in trouble.

Schaum's friends hope these tactics will help reunite Angus with his travel buddy, so they can keep on truckin.'

"He's just a really heartwarming, loving person and you know we're just trying to find his right-hand man here, Angus, and we're just trying to do our best to get him back home," Davie said.

According to his friends, Schaum is out of surgery and doing well at Hershey Medical Center.

If you see Angus, please call or text Patty at (908) 220-4053.

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