Rohrbach’s Sign to Come Down

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Rohrbach's Farm Market near Catawissa doesn't open for the season until later this month but neighbor Roy Grassley stopped in to take a few pictures of the market's sign.

"Something that I can have and just look back on, like well they took that sign down, but I still have a picture of it," Grassley said.

He took pictures because soon the sign won't be here on Route 487 where it's been for the past 40 years or so.

"It's very visible. Anybody going to Knoebles or up and down, I mean you can't miss it when you come up the hill," Dan Bosworth said.

Rohrbach's Farm Market Owners Dan and Denise Bosworth recently got a letter from the governor's office telling them to take down the eight by 20-foot sign, or PennDOT will do it for them.

"It's a billboard in a sense. It's been a fixture of the landscape for a long time," Dan said.

The Bosworths were contacted by PennDOT about a year ago, and told to take down the big sign. According to PennDOT, the sign is too close to the road and violates a federal law that the government just recently started to enforce. The Bosworths have been going back and forth with PennDOT, but the letter they received last week meant the sign had to go from its current location.

"Knoebels traffic starts coming up in a couple of weeks. People start driving in and all of a sudden people ask where's the sign, why isn't it there anymore," Dan said.

The sign isn't going far, though. Instead of destroying it, the owners are taking it down and putting it up across the street on a building.

"It will kind-of, I think, add to the uniqueness of everything that we do here," Denise said.

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  • Erik Latranyi

    Your government does nothing when warned about crazy teens or nutjob animal rights activists…..but they are making sure big signs are not going to harm you!

    Basically, you can buy a sign from the government and that would be OK, but the one on your own private property is not acceptable.

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