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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Lackawanna College in Scranton has teamed up with several school districts in our area to help students finish a degree before they even get their high school diploma.

Officials at Lackawanna College in Scranton recognize that the way we used to think about going to college is changing.

"Instead of the old model of, you know, the students trying to figure out where you are and come to you, we think it's much better if we come to them and then help bring them to where they need to be," explained Lackawanna College President Mark Volk.

And if you think of high school students as Lackawanna College's potential customers, Lackawanna says it is trying to give them the best deal.

College officials met Thursday with superintendents and principals from five area school districts about a program called "Lackawanna Level Up."

It allows high school students who qualify to start an associate's degree before graduation.

"It's 2018 and we're talking about earning an associate's degree before you graduate high school," said Riverside School District Superintendent Paul Brennan. "I think it's a game changer for our region. I think you're going to see others follow suit. And the price tag on it is commendable to Lackawanna and to everyone who is out there supporting them."

Under Lackawanna Level Up, high school students will be able to get an associate's degree for $6,200. Then, they can use that degree toward a bachelor's degree at any school that accepts the credits.

But, Lackawanna College promises to give students their money back, maybe more, if they choose to continue their education at Lackawanna.

"To reinvest in the area and instead of hearing the stories of students, the first thing they want to do is get out of the area, get out of northeastern Pennsylvania, an opportunity for them to stay here, and have a family, and continue that process so we can advance," said Mid Valley Superintendent Patrick Sheehan.

So far, Abington Heights, Riverside, Mid Valley and Wyoming Area School Districts have signed on to work with Lackawanna College. Scranton School District is also considering it.


  • Karla Porter (@karla_porter)

    This is a phenomenal investment in our youth to help develop and retain their talent locally. It provides opportunity for students with the maturity and intellectual ability to manage the rigors of a program like this the chance to earn a family sustaining income sooner than their peers, and if they choose, the edge go on to a more advanced degree. I’m really happy to see a progressive program like this in NEPA!

  • burtfan16

    At least give high school graduates some “fun college time” before they’re sent out into the world to earn those crappy paying wages they’ve heard so much about.

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