Information Session Held to Explain Possible Lay Offs in Crestwood School District

MOUNTAIN TOP, Pa. -- Parents in the Crestwood School District heard details Thursday night about the financial struggles the district is facing.

Last month, the district announced it may be forced to lay off as many as 13 teachers.

District officials held an information session where officials said they are facing the same struggles as other districts across the commonwealth including a budget deficit and overcrowding.

"Basically to make the budget work the plan is going to be to furlough teachers. So it's going to have an adverse effect on our students," said Bill Kane, President of the Crestwood Education Association.

The public was not given the opportunity to comment at the information session. Instead, parents were told to write their concerns on notecards for district officials to respond to at a later date.


  • tentative77562308

    So now in addition to Scranton we have another local school district about to layoff teachers. Teachers in other districts should take note. You can only squeeze the taxpayers so much before the party ends.

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