‘Night of Champions’ Celebrates Winning Athletes, Historic Team

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- They called it a "night of champions," and inside the Abington Heights High School gym, they were honored Wednesday night.

Among them were the girls basketball district champs and the national powerlifting champions, but perhaps the loudest applause came for the Abington Heights boys basketball team, the state champions who last week made history battling and beating the Fightin' Planets from the Mars Area School District.

"The high in the community has been extremely elevated since that win, just the fact that even the local businesses with the signs in the windows, it has been great for the community,” said Jimmy Keller of Clarks Summit.

The win was historic for the school district, and more than a week after the big celebration on the court in Hershey, the community is still feeling the excitement.

"I’m getting calls now, you know a week later, congratulating us and I say well, it's about time. 40 years we're coaching together, me and Coach Bianchi, and it's about time,” laughed assistant basketball coach Jeff McLane.

The members of the boys basketball team and the coaches say the night was not just about them, but about all the other student athletes and the community, too.

"Feels really special just to have a bunch of people come together and also to celebrate one thing, and it was just us, and it feels nice,” said junior point guard Jack Nealon.

"Throughout the entire season, they were at every game. If they could make it, I don't even know some of them, they know me, and it's just awesome,” said George Tinsley, junior forward.

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