Plans for Bathhouse in Lake Ariel Down the Drain

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LAKE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A plan for a controversial men’s bathhouse in the Lake Ariel area is down the drain.

A sign advertising the bathhouse, explicit videos, and private rooms appeared along Route 191 in Lake Township and grabbed a lot of attention.

People packed the Lake Township Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday night only to learn the owner of that property has sold it and will not build a bathhouse.

The owner was not at the meeting, but supervisors revealed he had met with them earlier in the day.

"I was sick. It's right out of the pit. It's advertising, and school buses are driving by,” said David Oliver of Salem Township about the planned business. When he learned the plan is no longer, he said, “Praise the Lord. Amen.”

The controversial sign is covered now with a sold sign.

The owner did not want to reveal who he sold it to and he did not know the new owner’s plans for the land.

"I’m glad things have turned out the way they are, righteousness exalteth the nation but sin is a reproach to any people,” said Randall Kizer of South Canaan Township.

Some at this meeting did ask township leaders to consider making changes to prevent controversy in the future.

"Maybe there should be some decency regulations set in the bylaws of the town so this wouldn't happen again,” said John Tidd of Lake Township to the supervisors.

The owner told Newswatch 16 he has gotten calls from all over the country in support of the bathhouse plan.


  • Frank DeNunzio (@FrankTheLunatic)

    Not that I am supporting the “Bath House”, but the township wants decency law? I Live in Lake Ariel, and wonder about this — How about laws regarding condemning all those old collapsing barns all over the township? Or all those old deteriorating houses and abandoned trailers in the area? How about the old abandoned homes on Route 296 and on Maplewood Road? The town doesn’t seem to care about properties that look like crap or have tons of junk all of them or deteriorating structures on them or properties with tons of abandoned cars, but they are concerned about a bathhouse? How about showing some concern over the fact that our township supervisors don’t want any new businesses in the area. How about the fact that they refuse to start a fire tax to help support our local volunteer fire departments. How about the fact that they refuse to enact the state bill that allows the township to give property and income tax breaks to our volunteer first responders who save our taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and help keep the property insurance low.

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