Looking for Someone to Move Old Victorian Home

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's not every day you hear about someone trying to move an old home, but that's what the owners of Blaise Alexander Ford near Lewisburg say they are willing to do.

They tell Newswatch 16 if someone buys a nearby Victorian house and relocates it, it won't be torn down.

Blaise Alexander Ford has been on Route 45 near Lewisburg for almost 10 years. Everywhere you look there are cars, trucks, and SUVs.

"We've been outgrowing this place for the last few years," Aubrey Alexander said.

About three years ago, the dealership bought an old home, which was built in the 1860s. It also used to be a restaurant, first called The Victorian Lady, and then Vic's Pub.

"We're currently using that for office staff. We have some office staff over there because we don't have room here at the existing dealership," Alexander said.

But according to Aubrey Alexander of Alexander Family Dealerships, it's time to expand the showroom, and there's not enough room for the Victorian house anymore.

"It's hard to re-purpose that old house on a dealership. It just doesn't work," Alexander said.

Alexander was approached by Lewisburg residents who do not want to see the Victorian house torn down. He decided to try something different.

"She recommended maybe we advertise it to see if anybody would want to buy it and tear it down piece by piece or move it," Alexander said.

According to some people who live around here, it's not the first time a building like this has been relocated.

"Two fairly large buildings within a block, block and a half of that particular house has been moved and has been moved successfully," Owen Mahon said.

Mahon has lived in Lewisburg since 1964 and does not want to see the Victorian house torn down.

"We don't have that many houses out that way that look like that. The ones that look like that are going away and we don't need another one to go away," Mahon said.

"I would be in favor of relocating just because it's a really pretty building," Kathy Pino said.

Blaise Alexander Ford plans to start its expansion this spring. They plan to advertise bids for the Victorian house soon to give anyone interested time to move it.

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