Winter Weary Yet?

TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Some spots in Wayne County saw enough heavy snow Monday to cancel school and leave many digging out yet again.

PennDOT crews were out Monday morning plowing snow-covered roads. Some 12 hours later, there are almost no signs that it snowed.

Many woke up to enough snow to make it feel more like winter than spring. In Honesdale, not too many of us were laughing as we shoveled and cleared off cars once again.

"This morning woke up and found four inches of snow on the ground. Got to break out the snow removal equipment again. Enough is enough," Paul Bas complained.

After a relatively warm weekend in Wayne Country, Paul Bas was back at it like it was mid-winter, not April.

"I'm hoping this is the very, very last so I can put this all to rest."

Michelle Firmstone snapped a photo of a truck sideways on Route 296.

In the name of safety, runners moved inside at Lake Region Fitness at the Hawley Silk Mill.

"Normally, I'd be out there running on the road, woke up this morning and saw this. It was a real downer. You can't get more depressing than this," Joe Fluhr of Hawley said.

This Easter Monday was supposed to be a snow makeup day for students at Wallenpaupack Area schools, but because of the morning snowfall, classes were canceled yet again and students will be going to school at least through the middle of June.

Since there was no school, softball practice was canceled and so Madison Sottung hit up the Sports Factory of Nepa in White Mills with her dad for some training.

"We had the two-hour delay and they went to the full off. We were hoping to get today in. That should be it for the winter, fingers crossed. We're praying," said Ron Sottung.

With all the sun during the day, the snow has quickly disappeared, so it appears the timing of the snow was what made for trouble.