Shooting Investigation in West Hazleton

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WEST HAZLETON, Pa. -- A man is in the hospital and another man charged after gunfire Sunday morning near Hazleton.

Domingo Lopez, 44, is in custody after police say he pulled the trigger in Sunday's shooting. Investigators say the man he shot is in critical condition after undergoing surgery.

Police lights flooded Washington Avenue in West Hazleton just before 3:00 a.m. after officers say Domingo Lopez opened fire leaving Oliver Rodgriguez badly hurt.

The shooting surprised Richard Meier while he was playing video games

"Last night I just heard a gunshot as I was playing Fortnight cause I'm shooting people and I heard that and I'm thinking like 'okay, that's not my surround sound'," says Meier.

When Meier went outside to see what was happening, he saw a heavy police presence and family of the victim in distress.

"It was pretty scary cause everybody was freaking out, screaming crying and now I'm just worrying about the family," adds Meier.

Police were called to this home after that shooting inside. According to investigators, Rodriguez was shot and was flown to the hospital and is at last check in critical condition.

Domingo Lopez was arrested and charged in the shooting. Court papers say Lopez told police he was arguing with his wife when he fired a handgun to scare everyone. Then, he shot Rodriguez when Lopez says he came toward him.

Pedro Santana lives across the street and says he moved to West Hazleton from New York to get away from violence.

"Over there was, you know, they talk about New York, but you don't hear that much now where I used to live and something like this happening when you come here for a better life for you and your kids and then things like this are going on so it's sad," says Santana.

Neighbors of the home where the shooting took place tell Newswatch 16 this sort of commotion isn't common here on this block in West Hazleton.

"It is a nice quiet neighborhood, all families all the way up the street you know everybody even looks out for each other everybody's friendly everybody talks to each other there's been no problems or issues or anything around here at all," says Joann Wensko who lives nearby.

"Nothing like that ever happens in this area, so I don't understand what's going on, to be honest with you. How does this happen?" asks Pedro Santana.

There's no word how Rodriguez and Lopez know each other.

Lopez is facing aggravated assault charges. If Rodriguez were to die, police tell us Lopez will face more serious charges.

He is locked up in Luzerne County without bail.


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