Signs of Spring Bring People Outdoors

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The sun was out and so were people all over Lackawanna County to enjoy it. The consensus from people we spoke with is that "spring has finally sprung."

"The last month has been rough. You get a couple inches of snow you can't go out and play, but a day like today, I'll get out here and aggravate myself, you know? Hit a few balls," said Pete Latona of Old Forge.

Golf clubs at Par's Your Score in Taylor weren't the only things swinging in the sunshine. Swings at McDade Park in Scranton were flying through the air, too.

"It's spring. It should be this nice out, and Easter's tomorrow, so we took the kids out to that park," said Peggy Flynn of Scranton.

Families visiting McDade Park tell Newswatch 16 they're excited the weather is finally breaking. Kids like Brayden Snyder were having fun doing things they couldn't do on the first day of spring.

"Going on trails, going to see the pond, playing on the swings," said Brayden Snyder of Scranton.

Brayden also finally got the chance to try out one of his Christmas gifts.

"Riding my bike, my dad said he's going to ride my bike and he tricked me and then said we're going to McDade with it."

People at the South Side Farmers Market are looking forward to warmer temperatures, too.

"I'm looking forward to spring because we go outside. The market is a little bit bigger. We have a few more vendors," said Gail Scaramuzzo, Canned Classics.

"We always raise tomatoes. They always get stolen by critters, so we never get more than two a year, so I'm looking forward to that again," said Peter Anania of Scranton.

The long-awaited sunshine caused a commotion from the market to the driving range and on the playground as people are seeing warmer weather on the horizon.