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Trek of the Cross in Gordon

GORDON, Pa. -- Good Friday marks the day Christians believe Jesus Christ died on the cross, and some communities, including one in Schuylkill County, recreate Christ's walk to his death.

On Good Friday in Gordon, people line the streets for the annual Trek of the Cross.

"It's pretty amazing. It gives you a nice feeling," said Tracy Bolinsky of Gordon.

"Christ lived and died, and of course, he suffered, and the Trek of the Cross portrays that," said Pastor Timothy Christman, Simpson United Methodist Church.

Members of the Simpson United Methodist Church reenact Jesus' walk carrying the cross. They dress the part, too.

"The resurrection is what it's all about. It's not about an Easter Bunny. It's about the resurrection of Christ, and he lives so I, too, can live," said church member Rose Yost.

The trek is all about tradition for the church members. They say it is an experience that is passed down from generation to generation.

The man who started the trek in the 1970s passed away years ago. His wife and the rest of his family are still involved.

"He intended to do 12 treks. One for every apostle. He passed away after 10, so my uncle picked it up. My cousin, he did it for 21 years, and it got passed to me, and it will be passed to my son as soon as he's big enough," said Jeff Nemeth, who portrayed Jesus.

When the church members started the trek all those years ago, they never thought it would last as long as it has.

After all these years, they say the meaning still remains the same.

"The reason my great-uncle picked it up is because there is a lot of elderly here who are housebound and can't get out during the holidays, so he brought the message to them, and we're still doing it today," added Nemeth.

The members will come back together again on Sunday for Easter service.


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