Former Trimtex Facility up for Auction Soon

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A large empty warehouse in Williamsport could have a new owner in the next few months.

According to an online auction site, the former Trimtex building in Williamsport will be up for bid in late April.

The building along High Street in Williamsport used to belong to Trimtex, a fabric company.

Claude Astin, who's known by friends as Sam, helps run American Rescue Workers, the building next door.

Astin says the former Trimtex facility was bought about three years ago and has been empty ever since.

"He's repaired that 14 times from people breaking in through there," Astin said.

Now, according to online real estate platform Ten-X, the former Trimtex facility in Williamsport will be up for auction in about a month.

The business's website says bids for the property, including two buildings and a dirt parking lot, start at half a million dollars.

Newswatch 16 was unable to reach of the owner of the building, but people in Williamsport are hoping something is done with the place.

"To bring an economic developer to that area to really be kind of like a pivot point within the city would be a phenomenal thing to have," said Williamsport city planner Chelsea Myers.

Myers said right now, the city is working on a revitalization project in the same neighborhood.

"It could have a positive effect if more business, more jobs and things like that come into the area, but it could also have a negative aspect depending on what the business is," said Astin.

According to the website, the auction for the former Trimtex facility will run for three days in late April.

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