New Sheetz Store Planned for Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Convenient store giant Sheetz has plans to build in the Electric City.  It will be the first within Scranton city limits.

It's a rare swath of undeveloped land near Scranton's downtown on the corner of North Seventh Avenue and West Linden Street.

It could be the site of the city's first Sheetz.

"I say fill it. I think business is good for the community. It'll bring people into the store here, too, after Sheetz, I think it's a good thing, anything that promotes a new business is good," Mark Ventimigilia said.

We talked to customers at Redner's Grocery Store on the other side of North Seventh Avenue. They welcome the development, saying finding a convenience store/gas station combo in the city is sometimes inconvenient.

"You have to either go to Turkey Hill, or there's one downtown, or all the way up in north Scranton. It's hard to find them," Alanna Russell said.

Plans are still in the early stages. Sheetz has shown plans to the Scranton Planning Commission which still has to approve the project.

"They're open 24 hours," Russell said. "They get packed up in Dickson City, so it should bring a lot of business to this one in this area. I know the Turkey Hill does, so that should as well."

Potential future customers say this location makes a lot of sense because of its proximity to Scranton High School and some medical offices.

North Seventh Avenue can get busy, especially at high school dismissal time. But, people who live in this area welcome the potential new addition.

"Plenty of traffic, yes, it's nice to have a Sheetz, I haven't seen Sheetz in a while, so it'll be nice to have one in the area," Heather Rozycki said.

Pending approval from the city, construction could begin later this year.