Signs of Support After Abington Heights State Title

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It was a late night for the Abington Heights boys basketball team. We caught their fire truck escort back to the high school near Clarks Summit around 1 a.m. after winning the state championship.

It was a late night back here at home, too.

But Woody Wilson had to start his day with some recognition for the Comets. He changed the sign outside Crown Beverage on Northern Boulevard to read "Congrats State Champs."

The same sentiment is on the minds of many after the boys basketball team won the state title in Hershey.

"Such an exciting game, right to the end. Then I switched to Penn State and they won!" said Wilson. "There was a gentleman here this morning. He had to take off work. It was such a nail-biter. He was drained from all the excitement. I said there's probably going to be a lot of kids off school today, the exhaustion from cheering last night."

Right down the street, Gourmet Family Restaurant is known for its creative signs. They also document the Abington area's major achievements.

The excitement surrounding the community's latest athletic achievement will stick around for a long time.

"It feels good. It feels good," said Wendy Davis. "I graduated from Abington. My daughter goes to Abington. My husband went to Abington, so it's a tightknit community."

The win was the talk inside the diner made up mostly of Abington Heights alums.

Tuesday night's win is the first basketball state title in school history.

"It will be an exciting time. I can't wait to get home and look at the newspaper and see all the pictures because then it makes it, you know, brings it home more. We did have some friends that were there last night," Marcy Millett said.

"It is very exciting for the whole community. It really is," Janet Dobson added.

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