Changes for ESU Shuttle Service

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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa.  -- Additional stops and changes have been made to East Stroudsburg University's Warrior Shuttle service. The changes on and off campus come after students voiced safety concerns to university officials.

The changes took effect on Monday.

Pick-up and drop-off stops have been added to a few different lots throughout the campus both during the day and at night.

East Stroudsburg University hopes some changes to campus transportation will help students feel safer getting to campus and back home from classes.

Additional pick-up and drop-off locations for the ESU Warrior Shuttle took effect on Monday.

"I agree with the idea of it and I think it increases safety. It's definitely something that we appreciate because it would be a long walk from here to campus and back," said grad student Parker Fizz.

Campus officials say the changes come after students expressed concerns about how far they had to walk to get picked up or after getting dropped off.

The shuttle will now make stops Monday through Friday at a number of different campus buildings and commuter lots. There will also be more stops offered on late-night shuttles that run Thursday through Saturday.

"They go down to the other apartments that students live at and not just the University Ridge, the UA is what they are called. I think it's really nice. I think it's smart," said sophomore Hannah Phillip.

Some students we spoke to say there are some kinks that need to be worked out with the new shuttle routes, including route times and the shuttle app, but they are happy to see that campus officials are making some safety changes.

Grad student Cassandra Slagle lives off campus at the University Ridge Apartments. She says her only complaint is that the extra stops take extra time.

"The one is now 19 minutes from here to campus. That is the bus route. That needs to be worked out or another bus could be added, but I think it will help the campus a lot," Slagle said.

Campus officials say they are working out those kinks.

The mobile app will also be updated.

Shuttle route signs on campus should reflect the changes by this summer.

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