Stroudsburg Area School Board Rejects NRA Grant for Rifle Team

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- A school board in the Poconos is getting some attention for a controversial decision to turn down a grant.

The Stroudsburg Area school board voted 6 to 2 Monday night to reject a nearly $5,000 grant from the NRA that would help buy new rifles for the district's rifle team.

One board member who opposed taking the grant, an Army reservist, tells Newswatch 16, "The NRA has a vested interest in holding up the debate over guns in this country and I don't believe in allowing them to influence our district."

However, one of the board members who voted in favor of accepting the grant sees otherwise.

"The team had gone out and pursued this money. They are in great need of funding. They went out and secured this. There's no strings attached. This is a grant which is very common in the shooting organizations, and they felt they'd rather make a political statement," said board member Michael Mignosi.

A GoFundMe campaign has now been started to raise money for the team in Stroudsburg.


  • aleodawg94

    I am wondering what the school is going to do with this money from the Go Fund me page? If people would have been following this story they would have read that the local busineses all came together and gave them 6 grand. I just went the to Go Fund me page and people are still donating. I truly hope that the band gets all of this money and the school doesn’t try to step in and take it, and use it else where.

  • Lois Heckman

    the NRA is no longer a group to teach hunting safety, etc. they even took Russian money and laundered it. Come on! Has anyone ever seen their ads or speeches – they promote FEAR. we don’t need that in America.

  • christined62

    I’m so happy to hear that our schools have so much money that they can turn down a donation from a gun safety group. The school board is pulling a political stunt that will bit them in the end.

  • jimbrony

    If it weren’t for the NRA – and when I say NRA I mean the membership that wants to preserve the Second Amendment, not some bogie-man the uninformed public fears and loathes – there wouldn’t be a rifle team. They shun and reject the very organization that fights to preserve their right to have arms in the first place.

    • jimbrony

      Let’s ban poisonous substances and heights while we’re at it. You have a 1 in 96 chance of dying from poisoning, and 1 in 127 chance of dying from a fall. Source: National Safety Council

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