Principal Makes Deal with Students, Ready for Sleepover on the Roof

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TURBOTVILLE, Pa. -- An elementary school principal in Northumberland County is preparing for a long night ahead of him. He will have a sleepover on the school's roof because of a deal he made with his students.

In a video Turbotville Elementary School Principal Nathan Minium sent to teachers to show the students, he said, "I'm ready to meet our end of the deal, but if you want to see me sleep on this roof. You need to make that happen."

He made the video after making a deal with students. He told them if they raised $3,000 for PTA fundraising, he would sleep on the roof.

"So excited. They would come home every day. 'Mom, I need coins. Mom, I need dollars,'" said PTA president Angie Walburn.

In just three weeks, the kids' coin war raised $3,767. Teachers say the classrooms erupted in celebration when the announcement was made Monday.

"First, he gets to sleep on the roof. Second, I get to make fun of him," said one third grade student.

Principal Minium set up his tent on the roof Tuesday morning, and students could not help but notice when they got to school.

"They've been very concerned about his safety. They think he might blow off the roof," said first grade teacher Rickelle Davis.

"They don't want me to fall off the roof. They don't want me to get blown away. They're really sweet children, and we have a great community here. We have some of the best students I've ever worked with, so they're very special," Principal Minium added.

Principal Minium has been keeping a close eye on the forecast. It looks more and more like he will need an umbrella. Still, he says he will hold up his end of the deal, despite the chance of rain.

"I watched Joe Snedeker this morning, and I hope he's wrong," Principal Minium said. "I have some rain gear. Teachers brought in a big raft for me to use in case I start to float around up there, on the water on the roof. We'll see what happens."

The money raised will go to field trips, assemblies, and other spring events, but the point of the fundraiser was not even really about the money.

"It's not even a big prize at the end for themselves. It's just that they all came together as a team to get their principal on the roof," Walburn said.

"When they set a goal, they can really put their mind to it and come together as a team," first grade teacher Alana Myers said.

Principal Minium will still be on the roof Wednesday morning when the students get there.

"To me, this goal is all about them working together, and getting them to realize that when they are given a challenge in life and set goals, that working together they can accomplish it," Principal Minium said.

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