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Planned Parenthood Keystone: ‘We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion’

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A Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania is responding after tweeting that Disney should add an animated princess “who’s had an abortion” or is “pro-choice.”

Planned Parenthood Keystone, a branch based in the Lehigh Valley, tweeted Tuesday: “We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion. We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice. We need a disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant. We need a disney princess who’s actually a union worker. We need a disney princess who’s trans.”

The tweet played off a popular meme where people suggest ways to make Disney princesses more inclusive.

The Planned Parenthood Keystone tweet has since been deleted, but it prompted plenty of responses from Twitter users.

Planned Parenthood Keystone responded to Newswatch 16 in an email saying:

“Planned Parenthood believes that pop culture – television shows, music, movies – has a critical role to play in educating the public and sparking meaningful conversations around sexual and reproductive health issues and policies, including abortion. We also know that emotionally authentic portrayals of these experiences are still extremely rare — and that’s part of a much bigger lack of honest depictions of certain people’s lives and communities.

“Today, we joined an ongoing Twitter conversation about the kinds of princesses people want to see in an attempt to make a point about the importance of telling stories that challenge stigma and championing stories that too often don’t get told. Upon reflection, we decided that the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter or context, and we removed the tweet.”

– Melissa Reed, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Keystone


  • Dave G

    What we really need is a Disney prince who has to fund planned parenthood because it got defunded by people who got tired of crap like this. The reason behind the funding good be the plot of a nice animated NC-17 Disney movie. What in the hell has happened to this country that government funded organizations can pull crap like this with no fear of repercussions. Hollywood and most of the media have truly destroyed most of the values in this country.

  • Jon Turner

    How about a Disney Princess who is an NRA member, a member of the Marine Corp., Olympic gold medalist in shooting, is pro choice, and who loves her husband?

  • Michele Wasylyk

    “planned Parenthood” what a joke! More like planned murder. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex, period. No form of birth control is 100%. Aborting innocent babies is murder. No one will ever convince me otherwise. HilLIAR y may think it’s a choice bust it’s not. It’s flat out murder and the doctors and nurses involved will have to answer for it one day before God. And they will not like the out come.

  • Am Light

    I have a very dear friend that is very supportive of Planned Parenthood. I believe that she’s one of those folks that overlooks what the organization does and won’t acknowledge what it has failed to do.

    There are too many unmarried, teenage mothers running around bringing forth children that they are completely ill prepared to raise. Planned Parenthood has not assisted these foolish girls to make wise decisions. The decision isn’t whether or not to submit to an abortion, but rather to not get pregnant in the first place. There are a whole host of successful methods of birth control that will prevent an unwanted pregnancy but there is absolutely NO support (or, literature) from Planned Parenthood about this matter. The alternatives are to keep the child to be raised by irresponsible and unprepared single teenage mothers or to abort the infant. This diatribe about what type of princess Disney should have is a clear indication that the head of this organization is 100% certifiable and the proponents who agree with this kind of horrific speech are just as crazy.

    Planned Parenthood. Home of the magic spell, “Fetus Deletus!”

  • Dana Smith

    Good for business – if you corrupt the kids sexually then you get more pregnant women at your clinic and more Govt. Monies in your pocket – Amazing someone can USE their position at a job to promote the CORRUPTION of children and NOT get fired , Yet if you come out against these groups You would get fired ? If the head of “planned” parenthood isn’t replaced then they should be boycotted / stripped of Govt. funding .

  • Shifty Biscuits

    I have an idea! Let’s create a princess that had an abortion and that abortion was actually Walt Disney. Sorry Walt, don’t blame us, blame your company. WAIT, we can’t blame your company, you never had the chance to create one. I’ll bet you could have done great things in life Walt!

    • jenna

      Some idiot at Planned Parenthood made an ignorant comment because “free speech”, and according to you it represents “the left’s desire to indoctrinate your children” ??? Where is all of this BS about “indoctrination” coming from anyway? Is it FOX News, or are your preachers at church the ones spewing this nonsense because they don’t want you to see that they are the ones indoctrinating you for their political agenda? (Funny how so many churches endorsed Donald Trump – a candidate that is the polar opposite of everything Jesus taught, because he happened to be the Republican candidate. Yep, and some of the most wicked among us get a free pass as the candidate of choice as long as they mention that key word “abortion”, which they probably don’t even care beyond the extent that it gets them votes. I wonder how many of Donald’s mistresses have been paid to have abortions…)

      If your children are learning in school about protecting the environment, or about treating people with respect regardless of their skin color, gender, cultural heritage, or religious beliefs (*because we’re not all Christian in America) If having to practice “lock-down” drills is teaching your children there is a problem with gun violence, or that they should be getting their news from a number of different sources, examining source credibility, and thinking critically about the information they receive, I don’t see how that represents liberalism as much as its simply about learning how to survive in the world we currently live in. Get over your ignorant conspiracy theories!

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        I must admit you’re the only liberal to try to defend the indefensible so far on this thread. You failed, naturally, but at least you tried. The rest of the wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth bunch only downvoted.

      • Dave G

        Funny how libs want us to respect free speech no matter how vulgar. But if its conservatives talk liberals will say stfu you have no right to say that. Why dont you practice what you think all the people who dont agree with you should do and stfu. There is no defending junk like this. Do what all your libtard buddies do in this topic and just hit thumbs down. Get back to protesting guns while being protected by armed guards. Better yet just move to Canada.

  • Ginny Anderson

    What sick whackos. Planned parenthood is a misnomer for this group. Planned death is a correct name for it.

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