Two Turnpike Toll Plazas Going Cashless in Lackawanna County

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Changes are coming to two toll plazas on the Northeast Extention of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lackawanna County.

In about a month, a few things will be missing from the toll plaza at the Clark Summit and Keyser Avenue exits: a cash lane, coin baskets, stop signs, and toll collectors.

The Turnpike Commission says by April 29, the Clark Summit and Keyser Avenue toll plazas will be cashless.

Some aren't looking forward to the change.

“We've always, my parents and my husband, you know, everyone has always paid cash. So, yeah, I would rather it be cash still,” said Marsha Reeves from Glenburn.

“I’ve seen it in other places. It's just not convenient from my standpoint,” said Bob Yadouga from Clarks Summit. “I prefer to have at least the option to have cash tolls.”

The commission says going cashless will improve safety since drivers won't have to figure out which lane to get into. Vehicles will be accepted at all booths. It will also reduce time spent getting onto the turnpike.

“Yeah, that would be alright. I think that would be OK,” said Reeves.

“I think it's a pretty good idea, but I've had E-ZPass for years so it doesn't affect me very much,” said James Kane from Clarks Summit.

For drivers with E-ZPass, there will be no difference. For drivers without E-ZPass, an image of their license plate will be taken at the booth and a toll bill is mailed to the registered owner.

“We have E-ZPass, but I prefer cash if I'm driving something that doesn't have E-ZPass. I don't like the idea of being billed for it,” said Yadouga.


  • George A Stephens Jr

    seeing how the government is running we’ve educated ourselves into imbecility, typical of some liberal idea to make it “safer” at toll booths, how about making sure people who want licenses have brains and can drive safely

  • tentative77562308

    So they eliminate a toll booth operator in favor of sending out bills. The cost of mailing, processing and collecting thousands of bills will end up costing much more than a toll booth operator handling the complete transaction in one shot. Typical boneheaded state move.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    And PA. thought they had a tough time collecting tolls last year. Now, people won’t pay their mailed bill or they’ll move and PA won’t be able to find them. I see PA. revoking ALOT of licenses in the future. Good job Idiots! What a mess.

  • Am Light

    “Figure out what lane…” to get into for cash or SleazyPass? Are you kidding me? Make it very rote: half of the right-hand lanes are cash, and the rest are for the SleazyPass. The very idea that this is being forced is disturbing. SO many things are being forced upon people, these days, so why not make something as trite and annoying as tolls a forced issue, as well.

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