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Talkback 16: Child Endangerment, March for Our Lives, Phone Books

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the couple accused of starving their baby, the March for Our Lives rally, and the closure of a plant that makes phone books.


  • Dr.EG (@ejgabriel9)

    To the callers on the “March for Our Lives” on March 24 and especially the callers who said we didn’t know the truth of the second Amendment or that those wanting gun reform aren’t American I’ll point out…

    1) Yes we do know the truth of those who wrote the second amendment but we know the writers 200+ years ago did NOT envision the AR-15 used in the school massacres; and

    2) We have a right under the first amendment to speak up if we want our children and grandchildren safe in school. Assault rifles have no place in a civilian non-combat society. Many of us believe assault rifles should be banned and thereby reduce risk!

    We realize we cannot eliminate the risk of gun deaths but reforms can work towards reducing risk. Background checks are the only way to sort out mentally ill and felons from buying guns and no one needs assault rifles except the police and military. Please argue with common sense and not cleche’.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      I’m sure that people developing Laws and guidelines, today, cannot foresee the future, either.

      Yes, free speech is guaranteed under the 1st Amendment.

      The question still remains as to what this protest was meant to accomplish. What was the best possible outcome? To ban ALL weapons? To make certain that only the crazies have firearms and the responsible, law-abiding citizen is left defenseless against violence or tyranny? This is not about guns. This is about what is causing this rampant outbreak of violence within a specific demographics. Why are these shooters all white millennial males? Why are they using “assault-style” rifles? How can they afford to buy these rifles? Were they medicated? Going off of medications? In need of medications? Are they the sum total of an entire lifetime of prescribed mood-altering drugs as a means of managing active, inquisitive male children from age 6, on up? What is the ROOT CAUSE of this violence?

      That is what we need to be addressing, not the firearms. I know more people than not that legally own registered firearms and I have never felt threatened in their presence. This is a societal collapse and a medical/mental situation that needs to be addressed, yesterday.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      ………by the bye, the word is spelled, “cliché,” and is pronounced, “klee – SHĀY.”

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