PennDOT’s Survey for Bikers and Walkers

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Soon bikers and walkers may be able to travel more safely. That's the hope for PennDOT which is asking folks to fill out a new online survey to help develop safer conditions for bikers and walkers throughout Pennsylvania.

"We want to get feedback from people to find out how many use trails, how many people would use trails, to get back and forth to work, especially if they're using it out of necessity, not just for leisure," said James May, a representative for PennDOT.

PennDOT said it is responsible for all modes of transportation, not just cars on the roads.

"We have to be thinking about other alternative ways for people to get to work, to get to where they need to be, and some of that will be through bike trails," added May.

PennDOT is also working with municipalities to learn about the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Officials at the Lackawanna Heritage Trail hope the survey will lead to projects that will assist trail commuters.

"Just overall, it's gonna be a great idea to gather a lot more of that data, and it will be very helpful I think in providing potential state grant funding or passing funding from the federal government, too," said trail project manager Owen Worozbyt.

Trail users are excited about the idea of safer conditions on the streets.

"If it's kinda snowy and snow covered I sometimes walk in the neighborhood around the houses and stuff, but then you have to dodge traffic," said Dr. Michael Salvia of Chinchilla.

You can take part in the survey here.

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