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Parking Confusion at The Marketplace at Steamtown

SCRANTON, Pa. -- There was a back-up at The Marketplace at Steamtown on the first day of a new parking procedure.

"Just had to wait because people were asking questions but that was it," said Nadia Ozturk of Scranton.

Shoppers at The Marketplace in Scranton tell Newswatch 16 the signs are confusing.

"It wasn't really clear. That's the only issue. They didn't really make it clear if you have to pay or not," Ozturk added.

Others say the new paid parking policy is off to a smooth start.

"It was easy because the girl was there to see us through. We just drove up, push the button and get the ticket," said Dorothy Andrzejewski of Spring Brook Township.

Workers from ABM were stationed at the entrances and exits of the parking garage under The Marketplace at Steamtown to answer questions.

"They explained to me the fact that if I made a purchase they validated it right there, so all I have to do is show them on the way out. There would have been no charge anyway," explained Mary Walsh of Avoca.

But there still seems to be some confusion among Marketplace visitors about how and when to get tickets validated so they don't have to pay for parking.

"I think it's normal because it's been free for so long and now, it's something different people don't do well with change, I guess," saidĀ Oztruk.

Shoppers are hoping the lines at the garage gate will move faster once everyone gets the hang of the new parking system.


  • Jason Rucco

    This is the nail in the coffin for the Marketplace at Steamtown. Its half empty because no one goes there. Now, those who actually frequent the mall have to pay for parking? Good luck with that. RIP the mall at steamtown. I’ll remember you’re glory days where it was action packed, with plenty of stores, and attractions. Oh, and the connection to the train yard!! How cool. But now, with the shoppes at Montage and free parking there- I hope you have a quick, painless death. Wish it were not so- but it is what it is at this point. So sad.

    • Jason Rucco

      Also, watch any other business around the mall die as well. If people can’t use the garage to park (even if they aren’t visiting the mall- but rather another business *around* the mall), those businesses will die as well. Call it trickle down effect. Good luck Scranton. Huge mistake. You should be encouraging consumer traffic by any means.

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