School District Plans for More Armed Security Following Attention over Rocks Defense

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ORWIGSBURG, Pa. — A school district in Schuylkill County in the national spotlight for its plan to defend students in the event of a shooting is concerned about the effect of all that attention.

The superintendent of Blue Mountain School District made headlines last week after announcing students would be armed with rocks as a last-ditch effort to defend themselves if a shooter attacked the school.

Following all the media attention the district has gotten, Superintendent David Helsel posted on Facebook on Sunday night that the district is concerned that something might happen because of all the attention.

In response, Helsel said that school buildings will have additional armed security starting Monday.


  • My Foot

    To state that the children are creating these killers by …Bullying….Name calling…..Intolerance. Sounds right, except , …..Where do you think they are learning these characteristics ? (Just read the reader comments to get a hint)

    • Rusty Knyffe

      You do realize that David Hogg was one of the several people who were using social media to bully the carp out of the nameless shooter in Parkland, right? Have you read any of the vicious posts and tweets that this young man and his posse made?

      My Foot. They didn’t learn this behavior from anyone because nobody is guiding these kids. They are being raised, tutored, and nannied by social media and electronic/digital communication devices. You seem to carry just as much vitriol as any other poster, and you don’t even have the ability to recognize it, shut up, and begin seeking the truth behind the surface of what you see and hear.

    • Am Light

      David Hogg wasn’t even in school the day of that shooting. These kids were put up to this by adults with an agenda.

  • Emma Hogg

    I think the high tension emotions surrounding this matter has clouded the initial idea. The administrator agreed that there has to be a way to make children safer within schools, but he also realized that the discussion (LOL) on the 2nd Amendment is volatile and only causes greater socio-political rifts. What the good Doctor was attempting to do was to initiate a very PROactive decision to have trained, armed guards (or, arm some of the teachers) who will respond in an active-shooter situation. Throwing rocks? C’mon……it’s the idea that some action is better than no action.

    • Shifty Biscuits

      I still don’t understand why the teacher gathered river stones when all he had to do was reach outside the classroom door and grab a handful of coal. Weird place, strange people. GO SKOOK!

  • troutlover

    I think they should put boulders on elevated platforms in each hall and every room. Then designate Helsel to release the boulders when the shooting starts! What a moron!!!

  • lgvenable (@lgvenable)

    Armed teacher with a CC trained & certified through a program to qualify them or ex-military guards in place will immediately end any threat, just post ” Use of deadly force authorized in event of an active shooter” on a sign at each school entrance , just like the Texas school district doing that. If a shooter knows he’ll be met with deadly force; he’ll attack a softer target. of course all the progressives always think if we treat people “nice” they’ll leave you alone. NOT! Peace through Strength.

    • E

      Ha ha! Great idea you have to let armed individuals who are damaged goods guard your children lol. The redneck solution to every problem with the world, concealed carry permit ha ha! It is obvious that you came from a military household and it’s equally obvious that you have SERIOUS control issues ha ha ha! Progressives? Wow you just outed yourself lol. Peace through strength? Hmmmmm interesting. That is the type of thing megalomaniacs often say lol. So are you trying to make it obvious that you are damaged goods with control issues or is that something that is beyond your control? 😂

      • silverfishimperetrix

        It’s a better idea than Joe Biden’s 1990 Gun-Free School Zone Act, along with accompanying signs outside of every school.That was almost an open invitation for school shootings to happen. What’s even worse is the killers are current or former students themselves. It’s just another example of leftist brilliance that backfired right in the face of the entire country.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        What is WRONG with you?

        You may have the ability to turn on a device, login to an account, and put words together to form sentences, but your reasoning screams the need for some type of anti-psychotic medication. Stop posting until you get a degree, get a job, pay off your student loan, pay your own bills, buy your own home, and cultivate some common sense. Talk about control issues……….gawdalmighty, do you TALK the same way that you WRITE? I sure hope not……..

      • Rachel Marie Lahmeyer

        Just for the record those who are “damaged goods” faught for ur right to say the crap that’s completely disrespectful for anyone who has faught for our country…….feel free to step in front of those so called “damaged” ppl while they are fighting and we will see how perfect and undamaged u r…….and btw maybe u should actually walk up to a veteran n tell them how damaged they r n see where they tell u to put these rocks everyone is talking about…….

      • Am Light

        E it seems that you are the one calling names. It seems that you are the one with the control issues. It seems that you are the one who is “outing” themselves as a millennial buffoon. Might be a good time to turn off all of your devices and just meditate.

  • silverfishimperetrix

    It’s gone further than the ‘national spotlight’. The Daily Mail has picked it up and Hensel is being mocked globally. He deserves it too.

  • Andre Paquin

    Pelting armed assailant with river stones is a step up from the present liberal approved self defense protocol of,

    Dropping to the ground, rolling up into a little ball, using your arms to protect your head and private parts, wetting and soiling yourself, and making a racket by blowing your distress whistle, while waiting for help to arrive.

    But it could take several months of retraining to erases decades of the docile sheep conditioning before they start exhibiting the self preservation instincts required to make this an “effective” response.

    Until then, remember to be patient because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away, maybe hours away if you are in a rural area, or even longer if you are in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.

    • Emma Hogg

      WELL said. The “current” approach to turn off lights, lock doors, and hide is ridiculous. If someone wants to get into a classroom, they will, locks or no.

      This level of fear is because kids got trophies for just showing up instead of learning how to earn them through hard work, calculated risks, courage, and diligence. Now, all of these kids want someone to “fix” this situation and make schools “safe.” Nice thought, but not likely. There are always going to be crazies.

      We need some real heroes……

  • tentative77562308

    Another Monday and still no Brown Bag Monday. No explanation. It’s been a staple at WNEP for years. I’m disappointed in Snedeker for turning out to be just another corporate stooge. I’m also disappointed in management for not respecting the viewers enough to offer an explanation.

  • Barry Scrivner

    What the students should do is approach the school shooter with kindness and stuff daisies into the barrel of the shooter’s weapon, and just imagine that he is surrounded with love and that his bullets cannot hurt them. They should imagine a magic unicorn dancing around crapping rainbows on the shooter also. This could be very effective.

  • John Payton

    So, the students are going to throw rocks at someone with an AR-15? The people who run the schools are out of their friggin minds.
    Throwing rocks is like urinating on a forest fire. It is a worthless gesture.

  • Keith Diggs

    Suggesting throwing rocks at someone who can shoot you is as stupid as believing that Bruce Jenner is some type of “woman”, the satanic filth that flows from being a “progressive” rots your brain and shows clearly that God has turned you over to a “reprobate mind” and nothing you say or do makes ANY sense.

    • E

      Ha ha ha ha! This is a good one. Soooo a “progressive” is a satanists, yet they are influenced by God and their minds are “turned over” to a reprobate mind as you say. And nothing THEY say makes any sense. How about your comment super genius? Ha ha ha! Wow just wow! 😂😂😂😂

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        You’re a perfect example of what Keith is talking about. Every single one of your vile posts is like someone wiped a snot on the thread. I’m sure more people would give you down arrows but they don’t even want to validate your filth with one of those, let alone a response, and this will be my last one to you. You’re the proud owner of a reprobate mind and I’m sure you’re only capable of your “opinions” online, otherwise at the very least people would go the other way when they see you coming. Enjoy my reply – I’m sure it’ll get you off.

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