Students ‘March for Our Lives’ in Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- More than a thousand people marched through the streets of Scranton Saturday demanding change for gun laws.

Students want safer schools today so they can live for tomorrow.

It seemed like a never-ending wave. Step by step, students, teachers, and parents marched through the streets of Scranton, from Scranton High School to Courthouse Square on North Washington Avenue.

Emotions were high as students from across Lackawanna County demanded change to gun laws at this March for Our Lives.

"Between me and a bunch of other students, we don't feel safe in school anymore. Even though our teachers are trying to make us feel safe, we just don't feel that way ourselves," said Taahairah Muhammad, Scranton High School student.

"I really think that people in our country know that this is an epidemic, and no one is taking a stand, so our students have decided that we shouldn't be going to school living in fear," said Katherine Hopkins, Dunmore High School student.

The march was organized after a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida left 17 dead. The number of school shootings has students and parents on edge.

"When I come to school, I don't know if I'm going to get shot or not because we have 2,000 kids at our school," said Dustin Kinlaw of Scranton.

"Something has to be done, so I am here with the kids because this is the voice of the generation. They need the older people to stand behind them," said Chet Cielski of Lake Winola.

The 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Michael Soskil, along with his family were also in the sea of people at March for Our Lives in Scranton. The Wallenpaupack South Elementary teacher told Newswatch 16 it's his job is to empower the next generation

"We want our students to feel safe. We want school's to be a safe place, and I am here with my two children, and no child should worrying if they will make it home," Soskil said.

Earlier, students from Scranton Prep boarded a bus to join the thousands at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

Holding signs saying "Enough is Enough," students wanted to make their voices heard.

"I think it affects my generation as a whole. I haven't lived a year in a country without the presence of mass shootings," said Scranton Prep student Fiona Neville.

"If we do more drills, if we prepare for it, if we have more counselors, the answer isn't always that simple, but as long as we can try and try everything we have, we can hope for the best, and I think that's what we should do," Muhammad said.

Students at the rally said they left the march inspired.


  • Bob Calvey

    Hey j@ds public servants on dummycrat sidenia lower 34 million Carolyn Maloney 28million Mayor Bloomberg over 0 billion Kennedy’s Les not forget John Kerry so here are million and billionaires on both sides of the fence so no one side can defend against that

  • Carl Dryden

    they certainly are exercising their right to assembly- when they get older they will get a little smarter- we all do. Nothing wrong with what they are doing- but one has to realize people who are criminals are going to procure their weapon of choice regardless of legal statutes in place- that is why they are criminals…..Meanwhile I’ll keep hold of my guns

    • E

      No you haven’t gotten any smarter. Ha ha ha! Same stupid arguement about criminals and guns. Hey super genius it’s not about the fact that criminal will always have access to guns, what matters is the SCALE of the situation and more importantly HOW MANY guns criminals have the ability to access. One situation does not warrant the other. Yes you will hold onto your guns along with your white trash, redneck views lol.

  • jsrant

    So let’s take away the guns. Don’t do anything to our schools, problem solved. I don’t think so. Next we’ll have bombs being brought into the school to kill whom ever. If the guy in Texas did it to unexpected people it could happen in a school. Yes the system isn’t perfect,thank the lawyers for that, but if anyone has any reasonable answers then speak up. Bitching about guns just doesn’t cut it.

  • Jim Burnetti

    The kids are right. They are winning the debate. They are signing up new voters. The eighteen year olds will vote. The alt-right wackaloons can wave bye bye.

  • Mark Brazen

    It’s has nothing to do with gun laws but that’s what kids think in school cuz it is plugged in there head in school by teachers or teacher of the year if a knife was used would knife laws need to be put into affect? People should be educated on guns that know nothing about them and the process that is taken to buy one. Theres tobacco laws in affect and kids still smoke and chew . People break into homes and rob people sometimes of there fire arms that are locked up and hidden should security laws be put in affect for homes ? A person doesn’t need a college degree or a award of the year to have common sense !

      • Shifty Biscuits

        Ok Jim, for that argument I’m going to mention teenage deaths caused by teens using cellphones while driving. I’ll run my death rate against your death rate all day long. Should we put a legal age on cellphones? Perhaps background checks? Oh I know, maybe limit the legnth of the battery? (clip)

      • Jim Louis

        SHIFTY BISCUITS – More than a little eerily, roughly as many people die from automobile-related deaths in America each year as from guns. The difference is we regulate cars and their operation (and laws like using a cell phone while driving), demanding much more of their makers and their owners. Gun advocates may say, my, that’s a lot of automobile deaths, with regulation. But the carnage without them would surely be worse. The obverse is also true: Guns more strictly regulated would kill fewer people. With regulation more like what our society affords automobiles, gun ownership might be safer. We actually treat car ownership more seriously than owning a gun, and that’s got to change.

      • jsrant

        One bomb can kill the same amount, what are the schools doing to prevent ? If you can’t get a knife ,regardless of the size blade, a gun or a bomb into any govt building then schools should start with those measures. Getting rid of guns is not going to stop violence. Oh, and by the way, voters should vote in what they believe in and who will do the best job NOT for who someone tells you to. That’s what is happening here, kids being brainwashed. Don’t worry us gun owners will stand strong. Just bought two more this weekend.

    • Jim Burnetti

      Maybe if you had spent more time paying attention to what your teachers were drilling into your head and less time shooting you’d understand the difference between they’re, their, and there. You’d also have developed more powers of logic and be able to constructva persuasive argument.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    Do these children even know what they’re protesting? Last week I seen a 3rd grader telling a news reporter she was protesting against “MACHINE GUNS.” Lmao! It’s Ok sweetheart, they’re already illegal! Hahaha!!!!

    • My Foot

      During press conferences, Trump refers to weapons as “Machine Guns” also……Criticize him……cowards attack little children.

      • J (@ds18301)

        Have pity on “shifty” and his ilk — they are uneducated and worse yet they revel in their ignorance and continue to vote against their own best interests. Sad. They will watch the corporate noise machine (Fox/LImbaugh/Putin’s propaganda) and are easily bought by fear and paranoia while the GOP billionaires laugh and laugh at them as they get richer and richer.

    • Jim Burnetti

      You seen? Those kid SAW bullets flying through their classroom walls. You lose on grammar, life experience, and logic.

  • Bob Calvey

    First off Jim what does read a book mean according to news stories these school shootings are the result of these students being bullied or picked on by the so-called better students so I believe the problem is not guns it’s the way these kids treat their quote fellow students that is my point so what are these Marchers doing to make the school environment more friendly and inclusive

    • Jim Louis

      Ok – I think you convinced me Bob. Thank you. It’s not the guns. It’s that the school environment is not more friendly and inclusive. I guess American children are much more mean spirited and nasty. Why would you say that about our children? Why don’t you move to England or Sweden or Australia then? Their children must be so much nicer since they don’t have shootings on a level we do here in America. They must take after their parents. So then it begs the question. Why would you say that about American parents. Are they raising their children with the wrong values here in America?

    • My Foot

      Their “rights” include Freedom Of Speech….Agreed?….They expressed themselves very well today.

    • Jim Louis

      The demands of the protests are reasonable. We should ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and enforce more stringent background checks, How is that taking away your rights? Like every right ”given” to us, all of them have exceptions and none of them are absolute. We’re the only industrialized country with this kind of problem to this scale and if even a little bit of our rights have to be taken away to protect lives, I’m all for it….

      • Bob Calvey

        Hey Jim the real Root o the problem is not guns it is the reason for getting a gun has anyone including teacher of the year ever sit with these Marchers and ask them personally what have they done o stop this like apologizing to kids they have bullied and made fun of and excluded because they don’t dress as nice as them or are not as pretty as they are

      • Jim Louis

        Ok, Bob. First of all, I have no idea what you are really trying to convey. Nonetheless, I go back to my original argument. Why are we the only industrialized country with this problem, at this scale? Do kids not get bullied in England, Australia, Sweden etc? I’m sure they do. However, they don’t have mass shootings on a scale like we do here (not even close). The high availability of guns is what makes it possible here. We have a sick gun culture in this country and and sadly, it’s taking children to finally address it and the types of restrictions they are asking for is common sense. However, like every issue, this has turned into a political argument mainly pushed by the gun lobbyists because it benefits them financially to sell more guns. This is all not very hard to grasp. Try reading a book for once.

      • Eric Barton

        A lot of these of these countries you would like to use as example also don’t have the freedom of speech we have either. Would you be so quick to hand over that right as well?

      • Jim Louis

        ERIC BARTON – Who said anything about freedom of speech or that I’m against that? I’m talking about guns. Nice job of deflecting the argument though. And second, get your facts straight. Sweden protects freedom of speech and was a pioneer in officially abolishing censorship. In England, the guarantee of freedom of expression it contains in Article 10, into its domestic law under the Human Rights Act. Australia’s High Court has held that an implied freedom of political communication exists as an indispensible part of the system of representative and responsible government created by the Constitution.

      • Eric Barton

        “We should ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and enforce more stringent background checks, How is that taking away your rights?” How is that not taking away rights?

        Also in Britian there is no free speech when you can be imprisoned whenever the government decides what you have to say is grossly offensive.

  • My Foot

    Roar from the rooftops , children…….. Do not listen to the tired arguments of DOING NOTHING…… This old man was very proud of you today.

    • silverfishimperetrix

      “Doing Nothing.” You must mean like former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson did while innocent children were being killed inside the school THAT HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY PROTECTING. That kind of nothing?

  • silverfishimperetrix

    Semi-automatic rifles have been available for more than a century. Mass school shootings didn’t occur until liberals deconstructed and wrecked the American family, American cities, and traditional American values. They should be protesting that.

  • shawn dicks

    Why don’t the kids March for no bullying. This is why the kids are shooting up the schools. Kids talk to the teachers and they do notthing about it

  • donny hud43987

    Lol, that’s funny biscuit boy! A patrol officer? No, I went to college, got a degree, and make $122 thous. A year, but you prob thought I was like one of you

    • Shifty Biscuits

      I don’t know too many guys that make $122,000 a year and can’t read. I said PAROLE OFFICER, not patrol officer! LOL! Oh, and by the way, you posted your comment on the wrong story! Really LMAO!

      • Rusty Knyffe

        ROFL!!!!!! Oh, Donny HUD#’s, I would strongly encourage you to go back to your purported alma mater and demand your tuition and lab fees back because they gave you an alleged degree that’s meaningless. $122K per year? Sure, you do………sure, you do. Sssssssshhhhhhhhh, it’s okay. You’re okay. Sleep, now. No more tears, only dreams. Sssssshhhhhhh.

        Patrol guards. LMAO!!!! LOLZ

    • E

      Ha ha ha! 122,000 a year ha haha ha! Not in white trash NEPA, unless you’re hip deep in corruption. ANYONE intelligent enough to earn 122,000 per year would not be living in your burned out coal slum. Ha ha ha! Try again.

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