Second Amendment Rally in Milford

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MILFORD, Pa. -- Dozens gathered in Pike County Saturday in opposition to the March for Our Lives.

Members of the Family Firearms Association held a rally aimed to help uphold the Second Amendment.

Many gun owners gathered outside the Pike County Courthouse speaking out about how important it is to them to preserve the right to bear arms.

"It was so important to our founding fathers to make gun ownership the Second Amendment in the Constitution," said Kyle Toffey on Hamlin.

"The well-armed civilian population of America is and always has been America's ultimate strength in this world," said John Paul Harris Jr. of Scranton.

Organizers tell Newswatch 16 this rally in support of the Second Amendment was held deliberately on the same day as the March for Our Lives.

"I did this to have our voices heard among all the furor and hullabaloo of the anti-gun movement," said Lesa Ellanson, Family Firearms Association.

Ellanson says she doesn't like the way gun owners are portrayed in the media.

"They're all white supremacists, haters, and I'm here to refute that. You look at my face and are you going to tell me I fit that demographic? I'm an American, and I have the right to bear arms like any other American."

Protestors are worried that they will lose their right to bear arms.

"An effort in America right now especially from the liberal left side where they want to take away guns," said Toffey.

But people participating in a March for Our Lives a block away from this rally say that's not what they are marching for.

"People misunderstand what's going on. They think we want to get rid of every gun. No. We need guns for protection, but they must be used properly and be put in the proper hands," said Howard Rozic of Greentown.

Rozic says he's not marching to take away guns. He's marching for stricter gun control, as is Lauren Drummond of Milford.

"Ending gun violence by having more regulations to prevent people from getting guns who shouldn't have them," Drummond said. "If you are a law-abiding gun owner, then what does it matter if you have to do more things to get your guns if it prevents people who should not have them from murdering innocent people?"

Both groups say they just want to be safe. They just have opposing arguments on how that can be done.


  • Richard Fish

    Look to Texas, for 20 years teachers with CCP can bring their guns to school. It must be kept on their person at all times, never in a desk, or in a pocket book, on your person. You don’t hear about any school shootings in Texas schools, do you, anyone??

  • J (@ds18301)

    Such ignorant commentaries by these duped people. The 2nd amendment was a nod to the South to keep it in the nascent Union so that they could keep their slave patrols. Study history… By the way, tell me how shooting 500 people from a hotel room in Vegas or shooting up kids in a school is part of a “well regulated militia”? I love the comment about “liberals” taking away their guns. Trump just said: “we should take away the guns and worry about due process later” — until the NRA put him over their knee and the village idiot walked it back. If Obama had said this, you would have been at the White House gates with pitchforks and torches.

    • silverfishimperetrix

      “The 2nd amendment was a nod to the South to keep it in the nascent Union so that they could keep their slave patrols.”
      What a big, fat, ludicrous LIE that is. There wasn’t even any North and South then – just the original 13 Colonies. Trying to paint gun owners as racists now, are you? You really should seek mental help or stop posting your deranged lies. It’s far from entertaining.

      • silverfishimperetrix

        The 2nd Amendment was put into The Constitution to keep our new country armed to repel invasions and attacks in lieu of not having an army yet, for hunting and protection from wild animals, for self and family protection, and even from a tyrannical government if need be. The N.R.A. was founded to better rifle marksmanship and teach firearm safety and competency. Please leave your personal fantasies of having sex with your own family members out of the discussion. Thanks.

    • Marc Gratkowski (@mgratk)

      Trump’s comment was specifically directed at mentally ill people. What the democrats did in Parkland was to systematically ignore crimes and mental illness to improve the statistics for the school and community crime, so government would look better. Result? NC holds guns to mothers head, and other violent crimes, never gets arrested. 40ish calls to his home. A request for an involuntary 72 hour hold ignored. Current laws were ignored. FBI failed, school failed, cops failed. And you want to give the government more power.

  • My Foot

    The old tired argument of doing nothing is not good enough…….What will it take for change? The murdering of kindergarten children?…..Oh wait that already happened. And nothing changed……

    • silverfishimperetrix

      That’s a good point. Why weren’t there any protests like this after Sandy Hook when Obama was in office? That was even worse than the Parkland shooting. Do you think it was so Obama wouldn’t be embarrassed or his administration wouldn’t be sullied? This is as much as an anti-Trump protest as it is an anti-gun protest. The left has co-opted this protest and are using the children as their pawns to further their agenda in general. I hate bolsheviks.

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