Three Men Locked Up After Burglary in Hazleton

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HAZLETON, Pa. -- Shortly before 1:30 on Friday Hazleton City Police Chief, Jerry Speziale says he was driving around Hazleton in an unmarked car. He was on his way to get gas when a neighbor flagged him down, informing him of a possible burglary in progress along West Fourth Street.

Moments later, Speziale saw three men walking down North Lee Court towards Third Street with bags of electronics, where a fourth man was waiting in a car.

Speziale approached the men. One of them briefly charged at him and that's when the chief called for backup.

"It was a little bit dicey for a few minutes there but as the units arrived, we were able to control all four individuals and they were all charged accordingly," said Chief Speziale.

Jose Serratys-Santiago, Leonardo Delacruz and Leo Rosario were charged. The driver was let go.

Newswatch 16 caught up with Michael Bobadilla, whose house was the one burglarized. He had helped Rosario, one of the burglary suspects, when he first moved to Hazleton.

"I took them around to help them look for jobs. I took them to the DMV so he could get his license and this is what happened," said Bobadilla.

Originally a neighbor told Bobadilla his house may have been burglarized. He didn't think that was the case until he walked into his place.

"I look around and I see my dogs all over the place. Everything is ransacked or something like that. Thank god they have everything. I'm just happy that they have everything," said Bobadilla.

Those three men were arraigned and currently locked up at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility.


  • Shifty Biscuits

    I can only imagine the elderly population of Hazleton are so scared to death they never dare to come out of their homes. Shut ins, if you will. The city leadership should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Dana Smith

    “helpful” people aren’t thinking how these people are where they are because of what they are and chose in their lives , You can’t change them , Only they can change and a “handout ” never helps .

    • J (@ds18301)

      Dana — I am not going to defend ANY criminal. However, you talk about “who” they are, “what” they are etc. I am not sure what you mean by that, but it might be worthwhile considering (just for a second) what it must be like being born black or brown and all your life, having people like “silverfish” are screaming at you “build the wall”, not willing to rent to your family, not willing to consider giving you a job, because of your ethnic background no matter that you are a decent person wanting to get ahead and just happen to be born a certain color? The society alienates you at every turn and then wonders why you end up acting in a way that is outside of “good” society. Again I am not condoning any criminal, but maybe instead of “handouts”, people might try just giving others a smile, a “good morning” and an opportunity to prove themselves as opposed to the sneers and derision.

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