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Threats Cause School to Cancel Classes in Northumberland County

SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- The school week ended prematurely for students and staff of the Shamokin Area School District in Northumberland County. Not because of a holiday or impending weather, but instead a threat.

Coal Township police say the district received a direct and specific threat targeting students and administration at the Shamokin Area Middle and High School.

This caused the district to cancel classes for Friday.

"It's scary. Scary for our kids. Scary as parents, not knowing what your kids are going to face every day when they go to school. It makes you question their safety," said Marty Sinopoli.

This is the second threat involving the district in the span of just a few weeks. In late February, a threat was made involving the high school. This has parents and students on edge.

"It's very frustrating because people think it's a joke and they're posting it on their Snapchat stories and stuff about no school and how they're excited but I'm personally scared to go to school." said 11th grader Lauren Wagner.

"The last threat, I stayed home because there's been a bunch of school shootings everywhere and I'm concerned about my own safety and other people's safety. I have a lot of friends in this school and I don't want to see them get hurt" said Nicholas Holmes, 11th grader.

For parents, the hope is that their kids remain safe. They say it's unfortunate they have to be wary about sending their kids to school.

"Just the fact that it could happen. I can't put myself in other parent's shoes that it did happen to and I can't even fathom it happening around here. It's just unreal," said Jonie Hoke.

Shamokin Area School District says school will be back in session Monday. School officials have already taken proactive measures to ensure school security. The district has armed and unarmed security guards working at the three schools in the district.

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