Shoveling Away Winter Mess in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG -- We are a few days into spring, but it still looks like winter in Stroudsburg after several inches of snow fell in the borough during Wednesday's snowstorm.

"It was supposed to miss us. Unfortunately, it didn't so, hopefully, this is the last one and we don't have to deal with it no more, I am tired of snow," said James Schneck, Stroudsburg.

Borough officials say they got lucky during the first two March storms because snow totals here were low. But that luck ran out.

Officials even declared a snow emergency.

"We definitely got it this time. I hope this is it for the year but we will see what mother nature brings us," said Brian Ace, Stroudsburg Public Works.

People who were digging out say the hardest part about this snow is how heavy it is and how fast it fell. They hope next week's warm-up actually happens to melt it all away.

"Hopefully, this is the last one and we can see some sunshine," said Schneck.

Marti Lantz was shoveling away outside of her son's house on 6th Street.

She says while she is over the snow, she's glad it's the only issue she has to deal with.

"There were no power outages, trees falling down on houses and wires. It's a pretty snow but I just hope it goes away really soon," said Marti Lantz, Sciota.

Borough officials say the snow emergency will stay in effect until Friday at 10 a.m.