Shenandoah Deals With Foot of Snow

SHENANDOAH -- Scoop after scoop, Shenandoah spent Thursday shoveling away all the snow.

Newswatch 16 asked Anthony Eck of Shenandoah the secret to shoveling.

"Stay low and use your legs, not your back," Eck advised.

The borough got about 12 inches from our spring snow storm.

"For me, this was the hardest one," Eck said. "I mean, last year, we got 22 inches, but this is just heavy, wet snow."

Chris George of Shenandoah agrees. He said this is the most snow that fell in Shenandoah all season.

"We got only like eight inches at the most every other time," George said. "So, instead of getting one big one, it seems like we got little by little."

Even with this amount of snow, the people of Shenandoah are confident it will melt soon because it's getting warmer.

"No, I think it's melting pretty quick," Eck said. "The sidewalks (and) the streets are pretty clear."

Then there are the littlest snow lovers, like Jax Kilkenny of Shenandoah. He is two years old. He and his mom went outside to build a snowman.

His mother said this is year Jax loves the snow. Last year was a different story.

"Last year, It was like this and he cried," Christine Kilkenny said. "I put him in it and he just cried."

The people of Shenandoah are hoping the next coming days are warm enough to get rid of a lot of this snow before Easter.