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Spring Snowfall in Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Spring snow is not something most people in Hazleton wanted to see.

Begrudgingly, people had to shovel sidewalks and clear steps layered with snow.

"It's really annoying," said Dave Wurtz. "Yesterday was spring. People are saying Happy Easter, and I am saying Merry Christmas."

"We live in northeastern Pennsylvania so expect the unexpected. You always have to be ready for it, so it doesn't really bother me too much," said Chris Salko of McAdoo.

As people trudged through the snow, plow trucks cleared the streets in Hazleton.

Drivers were getting tired of the wintry mix so late into March.

"It's a pain," Carl Gentilesco said. "There's no fun about it. I wish it was over by now."

For those having to drive out in winter weather, making a pit stop at the Laurel Mall wasn't such a bad idea.

We caught up with the Dinko family enjoying lunch at the mall. An early doctor's appointment for Jacob forced them into the cold.

"We braved the weather and we figured we were out already so we figured we would take him out and get lunch and just have some family time," Gina Dinko said.

Although it says spring on the calendar, most can't wait for the weather to actually go along with it.

"You are thinking of planting your vegetables and everything else and you're still shoveling so what are you going to do?" Dave Wurtz added.