Snow Contrast in Our Area

The month of March and snowstorms have gone hand-in-hand in northeastern Pennsylvania this winter season. Winter, the season, has ended, but Mother Nature and snow have not quite gotten the message.

"I think everyone is ready for winter to be over," said Andrew Pfahl of Clifford.

Driving west on Interstate 84 in Pike County was more of the same of what drivers have gotten used to: little to no visibility and snow-covered pavement.

It was pretty much the same story in Mountain Top. The high elevation there always plays a role with winter weather, making for tricky travel. Many schools in Luzerne County were closed Wednesday.

"I definitely like skiing, so I wouldn't mind a couple more days of good skiing. But I'm getting tired of having snow and not knowing when to wake up for school. So I wouldn't mind some warmer weather," said Harrison May of Forty Fort on his snow day from school.

Newswatch 16 made a U-turn on Route 309 in Mountain Top and headed back north of Interstate 81. What a difference a few miles made; the sky got brighter, visibility got better, and roads got clearer.

"That's common with the mountains," Pfahl said.

Even farther north toward Carbondale, "not a single flake came from the sky. Not one," Pfahl said.

On radar, the northern tier, an area that is used to being hit hardest with snow, was quiet for once. Even the leading edge of what looked like snow falling on radar was not actually hitting the ground for much of the afternoon Wednesday. That's called virga, snow evaporated before hitting the ground.