Shoveling Snow in Ashland

ASHLAND, Pa. -- Shovels were out in full force in communities like Ashland on Wednesday.

"It is a lot here to shovel by hand," Schuylkill County Housing Authority maintenance mechanic Michael Milillo said. "I'm grateful for (my snow blower) and the equipment we have."

Milillo was out clearing snow in front of one of the housing authority's developments.

"One of our jobs is to keep the projects clean as best we can," Milillo said. "Clean the snow and keep it salted."

Children in Ashland had the day off of school, but kids like Tia Malafarina put themselves to work shoveling neighbor's driveways on this snow day.

"It's more important to me to help older people (so they don't) have to come out in the cold and shovel," Malafarina said.

Newswatch 16 found people trying to get out of the snow by going into The Donut Shop in downtown Ashland.

"It's nice to get a cup of coffee and sometimes sneak a donut when nobody is looking," Earl Miller of Ashland said.

Miller said as far as storms go, this one isn't too bad.

"When I was a kid, we had bigger snowstorms than this," Miller said. "We used to walk up and down the street sleigh riding when I was a kid."

Miller is hoping this is the last of the snow so that he can get back to spending more time outdoors.

"My son loves to ski, so he loves this," Miller said. "But I want to golf, so I'm ready for spring."