Folks in Northumberland County Welcome Spring with Snow

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MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. -- Everywhere you looked in Mount Carmel, people were outside shoveling. Some didn't mind, but Bill Tanney was annoyed.

"Hello, spring. Mother Nature just won't let it go," Bill Tanney said.

While people in the Pocono area have gotten snow all month, folks in Mount Carmel caught a break, until now.

"Two days ago, I'm out here watching the Canada geese going over. I thought, 'finally spring, it's going to be nice weather.' What happened? Nope," Tanney said.

"As long as I have a path going down the sidewalk and up the hill. My wife has off today and I'm retired so I don't have to worry about getting the cars out, just cleaning them off," Bill Shutt said.

It's the second day of spring and Jim Golden had to dig out his snowblower.

"Well, I put that away and got my golf clubs out. Not a good idea," Jim Golden said.

Golden spent the morning going up and down the block.

"A lot of the neighbors are elderly and they can't shovel. As long as I have that and it works, I can do that," Golden said.

Some people tell Newswatch 16 they did already have shoveling on their minds. But it was more along the lines of digging up the dirt in their gardens, not this.

"And cutting the grass. I'd rather do that than this nonsense," Tanney said.

"A thing that happens every year, you never know how long it's going to last. It shouldn't last that much longer I don't think," Shutt said.

Everyone Newswatch 16 spoke with agreed, and they look forward to true spring weather.

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