Metal Detectors Implemented Full Time at Wyoming Area

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EXETER, Pa. -- As the school shootings add up, school districts continue to implement more and more safety precautions. That's the case for a school in Luzerne County that received a threat just last week.

The Wyoming Area Secondary School was on lockdown for hours last Thursday after a note threatening violence was found in a bathroom. The school says it's now changed forever and starting Monday, Wyoming Area began using metal detectors full time.

Lengthy hugs were shared among loved ones outside the Wyoming Area secondary school last Thursday after police locked down the school in Exeter for hours following a threat of violence.

"Wyoming Area will never be the same. Now, moving forward, we are so vividly aware of all the things that are happening across the country," said Wyoming Area Superintendent Janet Serino.

It's a day the district and students say they'll never forget, and they don't want to experience another day like it, so starting this week, the secondary school will now be using metal detectors every day.

"The goal is to always make our students feel as safe as they possibly can. That incident certainly reinforced that fact that it was something we needed to do because we wanted our students to be able to enter school, come to class, do what they're supposed to do, and enjoy their education," Serino said.

When Newswatch 16 arrived at the school, we had to first sign in, hand over a driver's license to be able to come into the main office, then walk through the metal detector, and if you get buzzed, that's when the constable wands you.

Students we spoke with say they are in favor of the added safety precaution.

"Though it may seem like an inconvenience in the morning, I definitely think the metal detectors are a step in the right direction. Everyone is getting checked. Your bags are getting checked, so it would be a lot more difficult for someone to try and sneak something in," said senior Addison Orzel.

"The incident that happened last Thursday can happen anywhere and I think our school has taken the right measures to try and prevent something like that from happening in the future," said junior Michael Abromovage.

The Luzerne County District Attorney's Office says it's reviewing the policies and procedures taken in response to that threat last week. The D.A.'s office also approved the charges against the individual who's allegedly responsible for the threat.


  • jimbrony

    These metal detectors in schools remind me of the toll booth scene in Blazing Saddles. Think about it.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    This shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone seeing as most of the Wyoming Area school district students are now the children of all of the NYC and Philly transplants.

      • jimbrony

        True, most mass shooters have been white – George Banks notwithstanding. However, ALL the white mass shooters have been deemed mentally incompetent – whereas the people of color that commit such crimes are sane. It’s their culture, their music glorifies the thug life and incarceration is just a rite of passage.

      • Shifty Biscuits

        Spot on Jim. Chicago would be a very appropriate example. More kids get whacked on the streets there every month than that compared to YEARLY national school shootings. And that’s just Chicago!

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