Suspect in Shamokin Homicide, Standoff Wants Death Penalty

SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- A man charged with homicide was back in court in Northumberland County Monday morning.

Additional charges were filed against Jose Colon over the weekend in the death of Kasandra Ortiz.

Colon broke down at his arraignment in Shamokin and told District Judge John Gembic he wants the death penalty. Colon is now charged with killing a young woman and shooting at police.

Colon covered his face as he walked into district court in Shamokin. It is his second time there in less than two weeks. In addition to facing charges after a standoff with police, Colon is now charged in the shooting death of a woman in Shamokin.

Colon had a lot to say during his arraignment. Instead of the three-to-five-year sentence he asked for two weeks ago, Colon had a different request.

After he admitted to the magistrate that he killed Kasandra Ortiz last month in Shamokin, Colon asked for the death penalty.

He told the judge, "I don't want to speak to an attorney. I want to pay for my crimes, and that's it."

Investigators say Colon shot Ortiz in the head with a shotgun late last month. Her body was found near a dumpster on North Rock Street.

Colon says he was on drugs at the time of the murder. He and others wanted to get drugs from Ortiz, and that is why he killed her.

"If I could take everything back I would, but I can't," Colon said.

Colon is also facing charges for an hours-long standoff with police which happened after the murder. Officers eventually shot Colon in the chest.

Colon said if he does not get the death penalty, he will take his own life. He is now on suicide watch at State Correctional Institute of Coal Township. A preliminary hearing on all charges is scheduled for next month.

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