Owner Devastated after Dogs Attacked, One Killed in Wilkes-Barre Park

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A walk in the park turned into a horrific scene for one dog owner. He says his toy poodle was killed and a boxer was seriously hurt by two unleashed dogs.

The owner of the two dogs that were attacked said it was horrifying when two German Shepherds came running right at them. He says his toy poodle was killed in seconds, and his boxer was seriously hurt.

The Serafini family is still going through a lot after their 6-year-old toy poodle Chloe was attacked and killed by two dogs, but it seems social media may have helped them track down the German Shepherds' owner.

Jim Serafini and his boxer Ziva are missing their best friend Chloe. Serafini says he was walking his dogs in Miner Park in Wilkes-Barre on Sunday morning when everything went wrong.

"All of a sudden, I heard some yelling and I turned around and there were two German Shepherds coming at full speed across the park. It was like being on the plains of Africa. These two were coming after us," he recalled.

Serafini says he tried to separate himself and his dogs from the German Shepherds by getting behind a fence, but the fence had a hole in it and the German Shepherds got underneath.

"One took the boxer down. The other one grabbed the little one and started a fight. I mean I started kicking them as best I could."

By the end of it all, his toy poodle Chloe was killed, and his boxer Ziva was seriously hurt.

In Wilkes-Barre parks, dogs have to be leashed, but Serafini says these two German Shepherds were running around on their own.

"You've got to control your dog. I mean, if you don't control them, you lose them. You end up chasing them or they do something like this, scare somebody or in this case attack somebody," said Serafini.

After the attack, Serafini called police, and his family wrote about it on Facebook, saying they saw the German Shepherds come out of the car of a man who had a limp. That man told Serafini he would come and get his dogs, but he took off. The post got a huge response, and now, the family says the German Shepherds' owner is cooperating with police.

"I can't get over the amount of people who have called us, sent messages, and to be honest with you, actually picked this guy out. They knew who he was."

Late Monday afternoon, the Wilkes-Barre Police Department said this case was turned over to the state dog warden for prosecution.

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