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Holding onto Memories After Fire

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People in Carbon County are still showing up to see what is left of a former bar and restaurant after flames destroyed the local landmark early Sunday morning.

"It's sad, tough, a lot of good memories."

Jack Robertshaw from Summit Hill still can't believe his former place of employment is now destroyed. Jack was a bartender at the former Trainer's Inn near Lehighton 28 years ago.

Flames destroyed the bar and restaurant in Franklin Township early Sunday morning.

"I am just here to take a look and kind of remember, a lot of good memories," Robertshaw said.

The business has been closed for about a year. Fire officials say renovations were going on inside, and owners were in the process of selling the place.

It took dozens of firefighters hours to put out the flames.

Officials believe the fire started in the basement, and it doesn't appear to be suspicious. Some people we spoke to say it's sad to see a local landmark looking like this.

"It's almost sad enough that you can cry," Richard Wagner said.

Richard Wagner from Palmerton says this was a very popular dinner spot back in the day and believes the building will be missed by many locals.

"I think it's a big loss. It's something, a building that has been there for many years and people will miss it."

No one was hurt during the fire, and officials say they are still trying to determine a cause.

People we spoke to say, for now, all they can do is hold onto their memories.

"The fondest memory is the good people, the local people who came in on a daily basis after their tough day," Robertshaw recalled. "They would have a martini and go on with their day, good people."