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Golf Course Rezoned in Middle Smithfield Township

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- After months of talk, a decision has finally been made to rezone Country Club of the Poconos Municipal Golf Course near Marshalls Creek from residential to commercial use.

"It makes it available to commercial development as opposed to no development. What we are trying to do is create opportunities in our township to expand the tax base," said Mike Dwyer, Middle Smithfield Township Supervisor.

The 18-hole golf course has been owned by Middle Smithfield Township since 2010.

Officials say the ownership is now costing them money and they hope this new decision is one they will profit from.

"It's very difficult to sell a golf course because there are so many in the Poconos. We are hoping, with the opportunity to develop with a commercial district, a use would be something like a hotel," said Dwyer.

Selling the golf course would put it back on the township tax roll and township officials say any type of development could potentially create some jobs for people in this area.

The golf course is located within a housing development in the township.

Residents we spoke to say they hope whenever it's sold, some of that money will go back to taxpayers.

"I'd like to see some large company with a lot of money that is willing to invest come in. I think it's a long-term thing and I don't expect it to happen right away," said William Surian, Middle Smithfield Township.

Township officials say selling the golf course is still in the future, but rezoning the land for commercial use was a step in the right direction.