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Asphalt Company Patches Pothole-riddled Road

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The conditions on a busy stretch of road in Luzerne County are so bad an asphalt company took matters into its own hands.

People living near Shavertown say enough is enough after dealing with potholes for so long. Crews were out all day Saturday working to fill the potholes along Chase Road, and the people who travel along the busy stretch are happy something is finally getting done.

Drivers say Chase Road has been in bad shape for years, prompting someone to tape a sign reading: "Patch the holes, not put up signs" over a "rough road" sign placed by the county.

Howard Hazeltine of Jackson Township was making repairs to his car on Saturday.

"I've put two front struts on my Honda, control arms on my wife's car, it's just endless," he said.

Crews from American Asphalt were out on Chase Road on Saturday trying to make the road smoother. The crew placed cold patches in potholes along a 3-mile stretch of the road.

Project manager Bernie Banks says American Asphalt took matters into its own hands to fill the large potholes. The company's heavy trucks run on the road year-round.

"For the employees, it's also you are seeing cars trying to swerve out of the way, and we are afraid there is going to be a head-on collision," said Banks.

According to county officials, crews have been trying to fix the potholes, but bad weather was an obstacle.

Alan Cooper of Jackson Township is one of the drivers who has to swerve out of the way of potholes. He tells Newswatch 16 the road conditions have always been bad, but this year is even worse.

"Going down the hill where it's so bad where they've skin patched it or paved it, but now it's gotten worse than it's ever been," said Cooper. "Go in the other lane or going into a ditch, you can see where people are running off the road trying to miss the potholes that have been so bad."

American Asphalt plans to continue pothole patching on part of Hillside Road, just down the road, on Monday.

The company hopes the county provides a more permanent fix soon.


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