Schuylkill County Man Killed in Berks County Crash

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BERKS COUNTY -- A Schuylkill Haven man is dead after a wreck on Berks County that state police call the result of a crime spree.

Troopers say early Friday morning, a driver smashed a stolen Ford Focus into the median barrier on Interstate 78 in Berks County.

Troopers say the driver was speeding and when emergency responders arrived, they found that driver and another man loading items from the car into a stolen minivan.

The men told medics they didn't need help and then sped off.

Within half an hour, investigators say the men crashed again, this time getting off Interstate 78 onto Route 183 in Berks County, slamming into an oncoming car.

"I was in my house and all you heard was ‘Boom!’ So you come outside and you look and it was just that quick, the cops were there, so I guess they were chasing them or something,” said Randy Wilson of Hamburg.

Troopers say Keith Krammes, 56, of Schuylkill Haven died, he was the driver of the car the minivan crashed into. He was, they say, an innocent victim in what troopers call a crime spree.

"That is a shame, guy had nothing to do with it, going to work. It's just like you and I walking out here and getting hit by a bus. You never know when your time is up,” said Jeff Sickafus of Hamburg.

Troopers took both men from the minivan into custody.

They are charging Carlos Rosario and Vincent Bynum of Allentown with stealing both the Ford Focus and minivan and other property, too.

"They tried to escape, but they got them, that I didn't really see, the escape, but I was so glad when I saw cuffs," said Wilson.

"Innocent people are the victims of the stupidity of criminals and people who just have neglect for everyone else's well-being," said Doug Jansson of Schuylkill Haven.

State police say Rosario and Bynum could face additional charges related to the death of Keith Krammes.

"He just bought a farm and he was going to work and bang! Just that quick. They should go away for life, they should with that kind of a crime,” said Wilson.

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