Pottsville Businesses Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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POTTSVILLE -- Businesses all along North Centre Street in Pottsville are getting ready for the city's 42nd annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

"Some years are good," Sage Coffee House and Tea Garden owner Jenn Raess said. "Some years are bad. Some years are snowing. Some years are raining. This year, I think it's supposed to be good weather-wise and it's always a good time."

Sage Coffee House and Tea Garden has been open since 1999. Workers there have seen their fair share of parades.

On the other hand, new businesses, like The Crimson House restaurant are preparing for their first ever St. Patrick's Day celebration.

"(We're going to) make this place very lively and festive," The Crimson House Executive Director Hector Rodriguez said. "Lots of drinks. Lots of beer. Just have fun. Celebrate. Crank the music up."

The people of Pottsville are hoping that the weather and the fact the parade is being held on St. Patrick's Day will bring more people out.

"It's a day out in Mother Nature and good clean crisp air," Stand Babcock of Pottsville said. "It's wonderful. I love the bagpipes."

Extra police will be out to help control the crowds and the traffic, making sure everyone stays safe during the celebration.

"It's part of our heritage," Pottsville Mayor James Muldowney said. "A lot of Irish come from this area and if you're not Irish, you are on that day."

The parade begins at 11 a.m. It will end with a grand Irish party at Humane Fire Company.

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  • Shifty Biscuits

    Alcohol should be banned from the Skook. Those Schuylkill county folks don’t know how act when they’re sober! It’s the last place on earth that should ever be allowed to have a brewery! And this is coming from a guy that loves his alcohol!

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