Long Winter Helps Businesses in the Poconos

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Pocono Ski Rentals near Tannersville is celebrating 40 years of business this year. Workers at the shop say they are also celebrating something else -- an extended season.

"It's awesome. February was a little bit slower for us so it's nice for the snow to pick up in March. It was amazing. We had a whole bunch of people come in, even though we got the snowstorm. It's crazy how people aren't afraid to travel just to go skiing," said Anna De Vivo, Pocono Ski Rentals.

Seasonal business owners in Pocono Township say they are cashing in at a time when business usually slows down.

At The Loft, some ski and snowboard apparel have already been marked with spring sale prices.

Manager Brad Sweeney says it doesn't seem like winter is slowing down.

"It's fantastic. Everyone comes in smiling, ready to get out there and enjoy themselves. Snow conditions are fantastic right now for this time of year when it might usually be slush, there is actual packed powder," said Brad Sweeney, The Loft manager.

Of course, those seasonal business owners are very excited about the extended winter weather but so are the guys and gals that come out and ski and snowboard.

At Camelback Mountain Ski Resort, the slopes are still covered with snow.

Skiers say they are taking advantage of the time they have left.

"This is pretty wild. We tried to get out earlier and the snow wasn't really right but all of a sudden in the last month, it's been great," said Chuck Schafer, New Jersey.

"Love it, I love it. I just love winter, you know. I am not so great with summer," said Cintra Fricke, New Jersey.

Managers at Camelback Mountain Ski Resort say they are monitoring the possibility of more snow next week and expect to stay open through the first week of April.

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