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Skiers Embracing the March Snow

HERRICK TOWNSHIP -- Susquehanna County has seen a lot of snow this week and it's good news for ski resorts like Elk Mountain.

"It could not have come at a better time," says Elk Mountain's General Manager Gregg Confer. "About a week and a half ago, it starting snowing and I don't think it's stopped since so today's the first blue sky perfect day and it is a perfect day people are here having a lot of fun."

Confer tells Newswatch 16, the chance for more snow storms in the forecast could keep the resort open through the end of March.

"We're definitely staying open till the 24th, but it looks like we're going to stay open longer. I'll stay open as long as the skiers keep coming, but I think I'll run out of skiers before I run out of snow," adds Confer.

When it comes to spring skiing, folks at Elk Mountain say, 'Bring. It. On.'"

"March Madness? Ski Madness," says Paul McCorkle.

"Bring it on. We'll come back up and get another day in. Cause it feels like spring out today so why not be out here," Tonya Brown of Mechanicsburg tells Newswatch 16.

Skiers like Paul McCorkle from Delaware couldn't wait to get on the slopes.

"Bring on the snow! Skiers love snow. All those grumps let them sit in their houses and shovel," says McCorkle.

Jim Reilly says this is the best time of year for skiing if conditions allow for it.

"This is the fun season right now, we'll ride it to the end and hope for the best, hope that it keeps dumping on us, conditions are fabulous, just fabulous," says Jim Reilly of Spartansburg.

Depending on the forecast, these skiers might be spending many more spring days on the slopes.