Raise The Region In Full Swing

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- One of our area's biggest fundraisers is in full swing in central Pennsylvania.

More than 300 nonprofit organizations are trying to raise money at the same time.

There are lots of fun activities at the Lewisburg Children's Museum. The nonprofit has been open for six months.

"Central Pennsylvania has been really supporting us, coming to visit us, especially on the weekends when we have really fun activities and programs planned," said Abby Gulden-Luthi from the Lewisburg Children's Museum.

The museum is one of 314 nonprofits trying to raise money through Raise the Region.

The 30-hour online fundraising campaign is organized by First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. After private donations are collected, Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships will then make an additional donation.

All of the nonprofits hoping for donations are based in central Pennsylvania, and many already know what they'll do with the money raised. The children's museum plans to expand.

"There are some exhibits under design in space and science, which we just started painting the walls for and prepping," Gulden-Luthi said.

For the last 25 years, the Donald Heiter Community Center has been a place for kids to come before and after school. Money from Raise the Region will go towards a new roof and scholarship money for summer camp.

"We do tutoring and then we have a snack for the kids and then it's structured free time," assistant director Billie Levitan said. "They would be sitting at home, just watching television. Here they are interacting with other kids and getting out and learning."

Raise the Region helps all kinds of nonprofits, even the ones for our furry friends.

Since The Scratching Post opened in January, nearly 40 cats have been adopted through the Cat Cafe. Co-founder Sarah Kline says donations from Raise the Region will go to the care of the cats.

"We've helped cats find lots of homes in this area, so it's been spectacular," Kline said. "Get them spayed and neutered and vaccinated and then they're eventually here to find homes or help find them homes."

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