Mixed Feelings on Snow in Susquehanna County

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The northeast corner of our state continues to get pummeled with snow and the Stormtracker 16 team is forecasting the chance for more snow for the region.

Even the chickens have had enough of the snow in Susquehanna County.

Jennifer Fancher says she's tired of it after 10 more inches of snow fell in the last day or so.

"I know that it's beautiful to look at, but it's a pain and we're just ready for warmer weather and spring to come," Fancher said.

Jennifer says she longs to do outdoor activities she can't do with inches of snow on the ground.

"I really want to get out and run outside on the dirt roads," she said. "Really just gardening because we love to garden, now it's just covered in all this snow."

And when we tell her there might be another storm in the forecast next week…

"I don't want to hear it," she laughed. "Don't want to hear it!"

Bob Olmstead, however, has mixed feelings about the snow.

"I'm not sick of it, but it would be nice to have spring come," he said.

Olmstead said this year hasn't been that bad. One year, the snowfall and snowdrift were so high he was able to mark it on a telephone pole.

"I stood up on top of the drift and put that tape around that pole just to prove how much snow we get around here."

Bob says having a helpful neighbor like Jim Barns makes the snow more manageable.

Jim tells us he loves the snow.

"Gets me out of the house, fresh air, I mean it's good exercise. I don't have nothing else to do so it gives me something to do," Barns said.

Jim says he'll keep helping his neighbors dig out as long as Mother Nature keeps bringing them more snow.